Goodbyn shopping list

Goodbyn Shopping List: Use this handy reference guide to make your shopping easy-breezy.  We’ve listed out the basic food groups and daily servings you should aim for.  Base your shopping on what your kids like and what they plan to eat for the week. This makes meal planning easy and helps cut down on waste. download pdf

shipping & returns

The shipping prices offered in our store during checkout will differ based on your total order amount. We offer flat shipping rates to our customers according to these tiers:

Orders $0.01 - $9.99: Flat Shipping $2.50
Orders $10.00 - $24.99: Flat Shipping $5.00
Orders $25.00 - $35.00: Flat shipping $7.50
Orders $35.00 - $49.99: Flat Shipping $10.00
Orders $50.00 and up: FREE Shipping

Products purchased from our store ship direct from our warehouse in Naperville, Illinois. We strive to ship all orders within 2 business days. We ship anywhere in the USA via UPS & the US Postal Service.

If you are unsatisfied with your Goodbyn product, send us an email at

You may return your unused product for a full refund of the merchandise cost within 30 days of purchase date. You can expect a refund to your credit card within 7 to 14 days of our receiving your return.

For shipping costs associated with the return of a defective product(s), Goodbyn will be responsible. For shipping costs associated with non-defective products, the customer will pay the cost of shipping. We do not offer direct exchanges. If you wish to exchange a product you will need to return the undesired product for a full refund and make your new purchases at In the case of defective merchandise, you will need to return the defective Goodbyn product with your name/order number to us prior to receiving a refund.

designers & illustrators

We are grateful to work with a multitude of talented people that help contribute to Goodbyn’s continued success. Below is an ongoing list of people we’ve chosen to work with because of their extraordinary talents… 


Miguel Cano  |  Design Union
Miguel Cano is a Goodbyn partner who provides concept planning and product design expertise. He is the co-founder of Design Union, a Chicago-based product design practice in operation since 2001. He’s earned a Masters in Human Centered Product Design from the Institute of Design and has a long track record designing medical products, consumer goods and children’s products. He has developed the rare ability to create designs that integrate user research with a brand’s message, while skillfully navigating the constraints of various manufacturing processes. As a new parent he is eagerly awaiting the day his son is old enough to decorate and use a Goodbyn! 


Chris Piascik  |  Illustrator
An artist who recently held his sixth solo exhibition, Chris Piascik is also active in the design community. With 6 years of professional experience at award-winning firms in New England, he is currently working as a freelance designer and illustrator. He has been fascinated with design since he discovered his parent’s music collection at a young age. It was his first exposure to design, and it was only a matter of time before he began remixing the album packaging to better suit what he was hearing. He holds degrees in Visual Communication Design and Art History from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where he has moonlighted as an instructor of several design courses. In the few hours Chris isn’t designing, illustrating, or drawing, he enjoys riding bicycles and petting kittens…


Steph Baxter  |  Illustrator  
Steph Says Hello is Steph Baxter, a freelance illustrator from Leeds in the UK. Her drawings are full of very bright colours and happy little creatures. When Steph isn’t illustrating things for people she can usually be found drinking lots of tea and cuddling her cat, Sukie. She has worked for clients such as Mother & Baby Magazine, HP, Scholastic, Get Uncommon & Sainsbury’s.

executive team

Erin Franczyk & Rob Grennan, Co-Founders
Erin’s deep involvement in the disciplines of design research and visual design earned her a pedigree of clients including Gary Fisher, Herman Miller, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Life Fitness. Her fluid understanding of human factors and technology provides her an unrivaled sense of what makes a product succeed and fail in today’s hyper-aware consumer markets. As a mother of three children, she has personally experienced the challenges of daily school lunch preparation and been frustrated by the inadequacies of the current products on the market. She also benefits from having her own “in-house” product testing team.

Rob’s history as a multi-disciplined designer of print, exhibit, wayfinding systems, interactive interfaces, coupled with his extensive experience with product research has provided success to clients such as Nike, Motorola, Western Union, Illinois Tool Works, Lake Forest Hospital and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This broad understanding of visual systems and marketing channels provides Goodbyn an integral viewpoint on consumer markets. His ability to implement large-scale, multi-phase projects—with teams of graphic designers, product designers, architects and clients—gives him a bird’s eye perspective of every detail, from supply chains to product launches.

What are the dimensions of a Goodbyn Bynto lunchbox and its compartments?

The Goodbyn Bynto has three compartments, but the drink bottle size is the same as the Goodbyn Original lunchbox. The overall size of Bynto is 10.5 x 6.75 x 2.5” (266.7 x 171.45 x 63.5mm):

large top “head”:
5.75 x 3.25 x 2” (146 x 82.6 x 50.8 mm); 1.875c (443.6ml)

middle bottle compartment: 
5.625 x 2.625 x 2” (142.9 x 66.7 x 50.8 mm); 2c (473.18ml)

bottom compartment:
5 x 1.875 x 2” (140 x 47.6 x 50.8 mm); 1.2c (283.9ml)

1.75 x 2.25 x 5.45” (45 x 57 x 138mm); 8oz (236.5ml)

Where does my Goodbyn lunchbox come from?

Goodbyns are designed in Chicago and are made on Earth…

Goodbyn started out as an American brand, made in USA. During our four years of being in business we have become an international brand, sold in over 25 countries. Our goal has always been to solve the problem of trash created by one-time-use packaging and to offer our products at the most affordable price, to as many as possible. We believe we have succeeded on the first account but that our pricing has always excluded a lot more people than we would like. Our mission is still the same - where we make our products has changed. In order to survive as a business, expand our line and make our products more affordable, we made the decision to manufacture overseas. We work with well established factorys that maintain high-safety standards and is working towards sustainable practices. We import only forecasted amounts that will sell domestically - we ship on demand amounts directly to our distributors in other countries - thereby actually lessening the carbon footprint and costs that our exporting created. 

If you have specific questions or opinions about our manufacturing choices, or suggestions on how we could be doing it better, in America, we look forward to hearing from you. Email us: