Goodbyn has honestly made a difference in my life. Prior to, I would throw something light in my bag, pick at the cafeteria lunch (I’m a teacher), or end up getting fast food. Goodbyn forced me to see lunch as a meal, complete with all the food groups.

Why are Goodbyn products made out of plastic? Are they safe?

Goodbyn lunchboxes are made out of plastic to keep your lunch safe, sealed, and unharmed in their journey to work or school. The hard plastic shell ensures that food returning from school or work will come back in one piece! We use virgin plastics to comply with the FDA for food contact and children’s safety requirements (most post-consumer recycled plastics are not FDA approved). In the future, we hope to use 100% recycled plastic as our base material for all of our products, and are working hard at finding a single-source plastics recycler to do just that!

Your Goodbyn products are made from recyclable food-safe plastics: #5 polypropylene (containers and bottle lid) and #2 high-density polyethylene (bottle). They are approved by the FDA, are the most benign of all plastics on the market, and are BPA and phthalate-free. Goodbyn products comply with CPSIA standards (US), EN71 standards (Europe), and also comply with all Australia & New Zealand standards for direct/indirect food contact and child safety.